All of our tours include the following...
- Pick up and drop off -- The cost of the winery tours -
- Our tour host, who will answer any questions about wine -- A big bunch of smiles and a barrel (or two) of fun! -
- Complimentary tastings at all wineries -- Time to relax and enjoy each wineries special features -
And as always...a safe and comfortable ride home
Combine all of this with a host that is fun and informative

"The Three-hour Tour"
(Don't worry... we won't leave you behind!)
This tour is designed for wine lovers to have a quick get-away
and still have time to enjoy their special
evening out, day at the beach or tee time.
If you want a taste or three and a laugh or two,
we get you back where you belong...safely!
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Enjoy a beautiful scenic tour and see three fantastic wineries
just minutes from Penticton!
Tour cost is $69 per person.

"Country Comfort"
The tour is 5 hours, and includes 4-5 tucked-away wineries.
Set in the most scenic areas of the Okanagan valley, we will meander along the vineyard roads to our destinations.
Wine lovers will enjoy:
-Lunch stop at local winery/restaurant (lunch not included)
-Visits to 4 or 5 wineries
-Wine barrels tour and viticulture
Tour cost is $99 per person.

"Take It To The Limit"
(One more time!)
The tour you will remember! (Or maybe not!)
The mother of all the tours, the big one, the whole enchilada! (We're pretty sure that enchilada's can be served with Pinot Noir.)
This will be an all day affair! 10 AM pick up time
Bring some comfy shoes cause we are going into the vineyard!
This tour is for those who want to know about... everything!
Wine lovers will enjoy:
-Hosted tour out in the vineyard to learn about viticulture and vineyard practices
-Winery tour at two of the most well known wineries in the area
-Cellar tour to learn a bit about the barrels
-Lunch stop at local winery/restaurant (lunch not included)
-Visits to 5 or 6 wineries (depends on how much fun we have at the first 5 wineries)
Tour cost is $129 per person.

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